Hello World

22 Apr 2014

Hey there! Welcome to my new website & blog that I'm going to be using for the foreseeable future (Until I decide to change it all again).

I used to use Wordpress for my previous blog, but due to the slowness and the security concerns I decided to go with something else, and as nowadays static sites are all the rage that's what I wanted to use.

My new site is built using Jekyll, Bootstrap for the framework and my own theme to make it my own.

It's likely I will put the theme up on my GitHub for anyone to use and copy, but first I need to tidy it up a little. I'm also going to write about how I got Jekyll to do most of the things I needed.

BTW: You may find more posts pop up going back over time as I bring them over from my old blog (Don't worry it's not time travel).

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