David Maitland


I'm a cloud engineer who works for Nimvelo. I build scalable platforms using SRE principles. My background is in Linux and enterprise networking.

One of my first interests was hardware hacking (mostly breaking things and having creations confiscated at school). This has evolved into working on embedded systems, but with less accidental 🔥.

I also have an interest for film photography. I love the whole process (it's slow and analogue but still technical), the look of film, and the old cameras. I own several film cameras, including a medium format SLR.



What started as a weekend project to create a desk lamp, turned into learning a processor architecture, surface mount PCB design, and lots of other technologies.

Now the firmware is being re-written from scratch to support multiple applications (creative, industrial, etc) using a relatively new RTOS.

My intention is to open-source both the software and hardware, and I should have some PCB prototypes fabricated towards the end of 2018.

Keep an eye on my Medium stories for updates on the project.


In 1609, Shakespeare’s Sonnets was published, and over 400 years later we’re still reading this collection of 154 poems and arguing about their order. For the first time, the individual sonnets have been digitally collated and reordered.

Available for iOS on the App Store.


Go back in time with 120 film – twelve frames in a 6x6 format. You get one new roll of film a day, so you’d better make the most of it. And just like a real roll of film, you have to get to the end of the roll to see what you’ve captured. Prepare to be surprised!

Available for iOS on the App Store.